DMC2021 China International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition was successfully held

The China Mould Industry Conference promotes the promotion of double circulation and the development of digital informatization

2021 China Mould Industry Conference Home: Released with the “14th Five-Year” Development Outline of the Mould Industry, focusing on the development ideas and key tasks of the mould industry in the next five years, and leading a new journey of industry development.

2021 China Mould International Cooperation and Import and Export Conference: As the summit of the 2021 China Mould Industry Conference, with the theme of international and domestic dual circulation mutual promotion, it will share foreign trade operation policy reports, international and domestic market research, and bring international mold manufacturing and market reports. , International Automobile Market Research and Response Report, and Enlightenment Report on the Construction of Overseas Mould Marketing Bases; In order to be awarded the third batch of “Mold Key Export Enterprises” and other important content, through the resource sharing of the International Mould Association, promote the international cooperation and coordinated development of China Mould , to further enhance the international competitiveness of my country’s mold enterprises.

The 4th Digitization and Informatization Promotion Working Conference of the Die and Mould Industry: Specially invited intelligent manufacturing expert, Academician Li Peigen to bring “Introduction to Intelligent Manufacturing”, led by the beginning of the digital twin of the technological manufacturing process, to start the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” digitalization and informatization depth The high-end conference on industry technology that integrates, comprehensively enhances and strengthens the energy level of the mold industry, promotes the improvement of the digital capabilities of mold enterprises through the sharing of digital reengineering cases; Ability Evaluation Method” standard to promote the ecological construction of the entire industrial chain of mold enterprises.

Post time: Feb-23-2022